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Meet the PRO TOY Team!

Barry and KimBarry & Kim Dickey, Owners.
Barry & Kim Dickey both grew up in Tennessee. Barry began his career in the automotive industry in 1988 washing cars for a local auto dealer. They recognized how personable he was with customers and asked him if he would like to become a Service Advisor. He accepted and had the opportunity to work with some of the finest Service Managers & mentors in the business who took him under their wing.

After a few years of Service Advising he got his opportunity to be a Service Manager at a local Honda dealership. He quickly brought that dealership from the bottom of the Customer Service Index to national recognition. After working there for a few years another opportunity arose to take over a local Toyota service department and the story was the same.

Kim worked many years in the banking business then went to Scripps Networks as a temporary employee filling in where needed. After her 90 days were up she was hired full-time in 1997 as a switchboard operator and shortly thereafter she was hired in the National Advertising Sales department as a Coordinator. Her prior experience was shaping her for her duties at PRO TOY.

They are dedicated to making their customers feel at home and truly appreciated. Barry works in the area of customer service with work flow and diagnostics at PRO TOY while Kim specializes in accounting and marketing. Together they have two children and a small farm that keeps them busy.


Jay RichardsonJay Richardson, Service Manager.
Jay is married with two children. He has been a pastor since 2009 and helps pastor PRO TOY as well. He has been in the automotive repair/performance industry since 1990.


Ron RobisonRon Robison, Technician.
Ron is married with two children. He has been servicing and repairing vehicles since 1973. He has been specializing in Honda vehicles and deep diagnostics for 20 years.



Randy CresswellRandy Creswell, Technician.

Randy is married with 3 children. He has been servicing & repairing cars as a career since 1985. He specializes in domestic vehicles & deeper diagnostics in most vehicles.